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An observation from one who has been running Gauge1 live steam since 1961, the vast majority of engines lubricate way way too much. I have been running an Aster Schools for 27 years and it runs for over an hour without refilling the lubricator. I would say it has about 500 real miles on it and all I have done is replace the graphite yarn piston packing twice.
Chris Scott has it absolutely right with restricting the flow, when you look at the top of the stack/chimney of your engine there should be just a trace of oil film. If you've got oil snot around it you're lubricating way too much, with that sort of discharge your engine is emptying the lubricator in the first five minutes of a run.
Over lubrication is not only wasteful, it's also extremely anti-social for fellow steamers. How many of you have seen the diabolical state the tracks at Diamondhead get into with engines slipping because of so much oil thrown around? Bear in mind that saturated steam is a pretty good lubricant too, and that's what many of you unknowingly are using!

David M-K
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