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Off Topic (300SL Roadster Sighting)

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I suspect I'm not the only one here with a passion for cars - together with trains (and planes, and boats, and anything that has a motor and moves) - so I thought I'd share an interesting sighting I had this morning in Marblehead.

The weather is just awful here today - temp is about 38 degrees with light to moderate rain. When I was driving my son to school this morning, he and I pulled up behind, of all things, a bronze Mercedes 300SL Roadster.

I've always preferred the gullwing version of the 300SL, but it was still a thrill to see a 300SL roadster stuck in traffic at 0730 in the morning on a crappy New England day. Here's a pic of the prototype (albeit not the car we say today).

Hope people don't mind the quick automotive diversion! Jon Linde

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Joe - promise me you didn't choose to drive the gullwing over the TT winning 250 SWB! Walker was a big name in my house growing up (as were Clark, Hill, Moss (see 250 SWB), Gurney, Hill, etc.). R&T, of course, was also a major presence, and I've certainly enjoyed your work on all things Porsche. I've got one R&T connection in that Jesse Alexander's son, Jesse the younger, and I are friends from high school. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jesse senior several times and some of his work adorns my office.

I made a move the "dark side" myself recently (see below). Not as quick in a straight line as that new AMG monster, but I bet a little bit faster through a corner.

Curmudgeon: Is that a 3.8? It's glorious. You don't see many Jag saloons in this country. You should be proud for driving it - in either direction!

Cheers, Jon
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Curmudgeon - very cool! A Mk2 then, correct? I love the RHD and Singapore plates, as well. I wish the 911 had the same aversion to gas stations as the Jag. Between the MK2 and the trains, you must have a very understanding spouse! ;)
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