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NT: Triple A Baseball...

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Tonight was the home opener for the Salt Lake Bees. We all went and had a grand ole time. Nice seats too, behind home plate a bit on the first base side.

We took on the Portland Beavers this evening. It was a very good game. Three home runs, two broken bats and enough pop up fouls to put a wrench in anyones neck.

Sadly the Bees gave it up with an 11 - 9 loss to the Beavers. But a four run rally in the 8th gave us all a thrill.

Sean had a great time (my 9 year old). We will certainly be back for more games this summer.... when it's a lot warmer (it was in the mid 30's by the time we left.)

I guess on a train related note.. we did ride the UTA Trax line to and from the game..

Go Bees !
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Gotta love tripple-A ball. Good enough to be quality play, but low-key enough to be personal. As much as I like watching the Rockies play, the experience doesn't hold a candle to wandering around Frontier Field (or the old Silver Stadium) in Rochester during the Red Wings games. Frontier Field has the added advantage that the railroad tracks run right by, and the trains take delight blowing their horns as they pass by.


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