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NT/OT Car Control - Hardens my artery

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The following link is definitely not trains, but if you enjoy motorsports, and respect incredible vehicle control, you HAVE to see this...

If at home, crank up the volume.
If at the office, put the headphones on, and THEN crank it up...

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I only have one thing to say.

His Mother must buy his tyres.
Okay, okay, he did it without all the snow and ice, but that is just normal driving in the winter time around here!
Youse guys crack me up... :)
My guys said the s*** hit the fan when the good folks who control the property saw this video. You're supposed to stay on the runways and not drive around, much less through, the buildings.

Although the last name may be spelled slightly differently, I'm wondering if Ken Block is related to a U.S. rally driver of the Seventies named Henrik Block (or maybe Blok), whose car we tested back then.

As for rally sport, or rallying, or drifting, which is a spinoff of same (no pun intended), it's harder than it looks. Over the years I have enjoyed rides in rally cars driven by some serious shoes and it definitely gets your attention, especially going through forests (them trees is mighty big and they don't move). I also got a ride to the halfway point up Pikes Peak by a seeded rally driver in a Ford--on a normal, open to the public day. We didn't go 10-10ths, but we did pass a few family cars on the way up. When we got back to the bottom of the hill, no less than the head of the Colorado Dept of Highways was waiting for us, madder (and redder) than ****. He wanted to haul the driver, a Brit, whose name escapes me, off to jail, but the Pirelli U.S. PR guy, Jack Gerkin, talked him out of it.

Lots of fun!
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Holy cow! That is some serious driving.
Goodness!!! What a sense of control that driver had. Very cool, sent the link to a bunch of buddies.
I'll send that link to my gearhead colleague.

He thinks nothing good has been made since 1970 and is NOT impressed with the Japanese :D
Looks like they need to use for the next James Bond movie. Very cool. Bet he could do it just as well in snow. Even out in AZ. Later RJD
Duncan.... Are there the same tire marks at the eastern end of Rawhide?!?!?!

Man, is that your kind of thing... Thanks for sharing the link. Gotta send it to my grandson. He's been racing modifieds for the last 2 years....
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Not from me...
I take a relaxed apex into the driveway, and brake well before the entry curb, as not to unload the suspension too much before entering the garage...
Keeps the dents in the drywall to a minimum. :)
Besides that, I gotta buy my own tires...;)
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