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check your system for a keylogger (program that records all your key presses and sends them off to a server somewhere), most antivirus programs (norton, mcafee) or spyware programs will fix this, either use that malware program above or use spybot search and destroy!


Its 100% free and all you have to do is download it, update the definitions and run a scan. I have purchase a TON of things off the internet and its either the merchant has a bad worker that is getting your card number OR a program on your computer(malware, virus) is sending the credit card info to a bad person.

If you see that lock in the bottom right corner of your browser, that means SSL is enabled, it still takes a computer weeks of time to decrypt 1 packet that is encrypted, and they have no clue if they even have the right one that your credit card info was in (computers transfers massive amounts of packets just to do a simple thing like post in this forum. Plus only someone between your computer and the server that your buying from can even see those packets.

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