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Nothing like having the right tools to do the job.
fully agree and a time spent on a jig is mostly the best time spend and time saver.

Excellent piece of work, cant wait to see it drive.
With best regards, Igor

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This week I made the dual injectors, the one cylinder auger motor and the cab & roof
Sometimes Dennis CNC mills the cab front but this one is fairly simple so I decided to do it myself.
The thing about cutting the windows out on the mill is that they come out to scale and in the right place.
The front windows are not rectangular so the inside cut needs to be done at an angle which I cant to on the mill.
I can however do all of the other cuts.
On the cad program, I draw out the cutout and then plot the coordinates for milling. I am using a 1/16" endmill so I need to offset the readings by .0325" (1/32)

Then on the mill I cut out the outline

I then cut the angled line with a jeweler's saw

And clean things up with a needle file

I then cut out the scribed lines with the 1/8" band saw blade and clean up with the drum and belt sanders.

I cut out the sides on the mill with a 1/8" end mill. Everything is pretty straight forward but this is the first time I am making the window frames on the mill. I start with a CAD drawing.

I had some questions about soldering so I took some photos of the cab soldering. The horseshoe clips hold the sides together while the music wire pins keep it square .

Here is a shot of the injector and auger motor. The lever is for the axle pump bypass.

And the cab in place with the five vent roof.

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