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Great use of the Teddy Bear caboose sideframes - oh that orange, eeeek !
I have been interested in building one of these but never thought of using the caboose bits.
The 2 axle prototype has wheel sideframes that look like single axle versions of the 2 axle Climax trucks but mounted under the side beams. these would not be difficult to fabricate from brass flat strip soldered together.
The 'Narrow Gauge Downunder' issue with the On3 four wheeled Climax plans are interpreted from old photos therefore the sizes arn't precise.
There isn't a great deal of info regarding the boiler details or engine cyclinders.

Here are some proportions in 1:20.32

Length beam to beam: 212mm
Width: 102mm
Wheelbase: 111mm
Wheels: 32mm
Height roof: 156mm
Height stack: 216mm
Boiler diameter: 61mm
Top of cylinder: 44mm
Tank diameter: 48mm
Cab posts (visable): 94mm

Have you checked out the small 2 wheel, geared motorblock that Hartland make, only about $25.
They use them in the woody pickup, could use 2 for plenty of traction wih those BIG logs !
Hope this helps with anyone's Climax project.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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