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I always hesitate to critisize anyone elses work in this hobby. My wife and I visited Northlandz for the first time ever today. I must say that I was somewhat dissapointed. I can appreciate the time that was taken on the initial construction some years ago. However it appears that is when work stopped on this mammoth HO scale layout. Very few trains are running on the layout. Of those that are running, nearly all are F units with less than a half dozen cars each in tow. Only one geep and no steam locos were to be seen. There was a small section of tinplate and an even smaller section of large scale, both of which I had not expected, and both left something to be desired. The scenery, while size was impressive, was repetative, and not up to modern modelling technics. There are dolls in showcases throughout that should have some written explanation as to where they were made, by whom, what they represent, etc. there was none. My wife asked me several times if we were moving too fast through the exhibit. When I replied that our speed was good, she knew that I was not impressed with what I was seeing. Once again I hesitate to hinder anyones ability to make a living off our hobby, but I wouldn't recommend traveling any distance for this exibit. Fortunately we were not far from it on our daytrip.
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It was a major downer for me also. I went when northlandz first opened. I cannot get the image of seeing a diesal pulling a short train and the box cars are day glow orange in color. I was very disappointed. It seems like it was built and forgotten about by the modeler. A certain responsibility is held on the modeler / builder / owner that if you are going to create a monumnet like this you need to keep it going if you expect it to draw revenue on a continuing basis.
Something worth noting two years ago I brought my then 5 year old son to Northlandz. He was so impressed and the wow factor for him was unforgettable. Maybe the builder should have modeled Northlandz in LEGO's. The revenue draw would have been much larger.
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