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I started this thread last summer. It hasn't been updated since September of 2007. A number of you have contacted me looking for a progress report.

All of the previous posts are on page 13 of the Model Making Archive.

But rather than point you to the older posts with a link and post updates here, I decided to use a new feature in the new MLS website, Builders Logs (Blogs). One of the problems I had with this topic is that there are many individual projects involved in building a garden railroad. I scattered posts into relevant forums. But it was a real pain to keep everything synchronized, especially with projects with no recent updates scrolling down the list.

What I really like about the builders logs is that you can create multiple child blogs, each focusing on a different topic or project. Entries to those child blogs are folded under the main blog and persist. Not only that, comments are separated from content. That means you can create a post on a small project, then update the post later as the project progresses.

I've copied all the forum posts out of the old archive, then added posts to update you on progress. So here's the main Blog.

NPC Garden Railroad

Major updates from last summer are in the following three child blogs.

Garden Railroad - General RR info

NPC Garden Railroad - San Anselmo

NPC Garden Railroad - San Rafael

The one thread I started this year was posted to the R/C Battery forum. It discusses my decision to take the NPC GRR off grid and power with solar power. That thread has been copied into the blog too at.

NPC Garden Railroad - Power and Solar

There are a number of other child blogs. You can see a list by clicking the arrow to the list of North Pacific Coast Garden RR entry in the in the right side of Builders Log List on the home page of the Builders Logs. You can get to Builders Logs from the MLS Features menu.


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