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Non Colorado Narrow Gauge Decal MFRs?

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Are there any manufacturers that have narrow gauge decals (or dry transfers) for anything other than Colorado roads? I know that Walthers used to make some decals for relettering the Bachmann cars for the SPC and ET&WNC (Tweetsie), but are no longer availible. Larry Larson did dry transfers, but seems to have faded away. Clover House has some 'fantasy' narrow gauge dry transfers also, but are not based on any prototype. Micro Scale only does Colorado roads. Are there any that I missed? While there are some great car kits availible, I don't understand why there isn't lettering for them. I'm just getting back into large scale railroading (been spending my time in N) and am kind of lost at this point. I want to model a California NG line (North Pacific Coast would be the first choice, SPC the second) but the search to find suppliers and manufacturers has been a huge obsticle. Any help is appreciated.
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Stan Cedarleaf on this board will produce them for you. He produced some great ones for me a couple of years ago. His ad is here somewher.
Here's the link: Decals
I do custom vinyl lettering which includes reproducing prototype lettering upon request, but I don't have a library of prototype lettering. e-mail me if your interested. If you prefer decals, Stan is your man!
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