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NNGC 2013-Pasadena-They say deadlines are a good thing

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They say deadlines are a good thing, they make you to stay focused and get things done, well I might have one now...

The new Nov/Dec issue of the Gazette notes that the National Narrow Gauge Convention for 2013, will be held in my own hometown of Pasadena, thats only a little over 4 years away.

Now my goal is to try and get my crazy little layout onto the layout tour, why not? Its narrow gauge, has lots of quirky engines and rolling stock, and I'm right in the neighborhood 'round the corner. Its a big order considering its still a Plywood Pacific at the moment. Given what I want to do I'll have my work cut out for me to get it to a point of readiness when the submittal process begins, means I'll need to get a move on. I figure even if I dont make the cut, the motivation to meet the deadline will be a good way to keep me focused and working on it.

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Good luck, Vic! I'm hoping I might actually get to attend this one. I've always wanted to go to one of the NG conventions, but it's usually a problem for me to get away to the more distant locations.
Hi Ray

I'm sure they will find lots of layouts for tours but I'm really curious to see how this shows events unfold, and what real train trips will be included on the tours, we are right in the middle of a big metro area, not a lot of real world narrow gauge comes to mind outside of Knotts and Dizzyworld.
Nothing says narrow gauge to me like Pasadena!

You can take everyone to the Rose Bowl flea market!

Huntington Gardens is pretty cool though and the new History of Science exhibit sounds interesting -

Now you got four years to get that layout built!

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Well we do have some other things that might be of passing interests..

LA live steamers at Griffith Park
Fairplex Garden RR
Fillmore & Western RR
Orange Empire RR Museum

The highlight would be if the organizers could arrange a behind the scenes tour at both steam op's at Dizzyland and at Knott's Berry Farm, or an steam excursion behind SF 3751 which is based here in SoCal.
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