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Well, I looked at the link and at that price even if it is rubbish I will not loose any sleep. I have preordered a set with Wholesale Trains. The postage will probably be as much as the set. Anyway, subject to "what it really is" I can always stuff another mechanism in it and if it encourages any kids into the hobby then good oh.

Since my voluntary exile I have been able to attend very few events and the one or two I have has had everyone either a bit older or only just a bit younger than me (55). We need to encourage the younger people and if a tacky Hogwarts helps then so be it.

I have no idea when delivery is likely but I hope it will be before Christmas, the island I live on only has 2500 inhabitants and I would like to do something with the trains on the run up to Christmas. If I could get a Thomas I would in a flash. The airline I work for has a "kids aeroplane" called Joey, when I joined them I thought pah. I got stuck in the terminal due bad wx one day - oh boy the kids saw Joey and they were off. I was a convert. So even if it is rubbish it may help the future of our hobby.

Semi rant over.

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