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Newbie Question About Engines, Cars and Track

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie who  just caught the G scale bug and am upscaling to G from 2 rail O scale.  I have a very tight buget and have to keep my expenses down (for the first few years anyway).

I have been reading some of the posts that I can find and for a frist  purchse I am leaning toward either an Aristocraft 0-4-0 or a Bachmann 4-6-0 "Annie".   I want to run either Bachmman narrow guage or some Buddy L cars for now.  I understand that the Aristocraft is 1/29th scale while the Bachmann and Buddy  L are closer to 1/22.5  

My question is which engine is more reliable and  will "hold up" better?  I also under stand that the minimum diameter for these is 4.0 ft (R-1) curved tracks.  I want to keep the track radius down to a minimum as this will be an indoor lay out for now. How well do either of these engines handle this tight radius track.  I can go up to a max of  6 ft diameter.  Does the extra diameter make THAT much of a difference?

 I also have seen some Buddy L cars that can be had for $20 each or $60 for a set of 4.  Is this a good buy compared to  $30+ for Bachmann if detail is not an issue? How well to they run particullary on tight 4 to 6 ft diameter curves?

Has anyone any experience with the new Aristocraft Aluminum tack.  Is it as sturdy or as good a conductor as bass or stainless. The Aluminum seems very reasonable price wise but how good is it performance wise? Is USA or LGB track a better choice?

Hope you can help!!   


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Go for the Annie. It is a much-improved version of the original Bachmann "Big Hauler" 10-wheeler that started me off in large scale. My Big Hauler handled four-foot diameter curves just fine, even S-curves. No reason why the Annie shouldn't as well.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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