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New Zephyr Video

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Ran the Z yesterday, after a few mods. Found the motor in the rear car was running slower than the one in the locomotive, so I yanked it out and it ran fine. Sorta noisey in the gearboxes, but they have been re-lubed, maybe after a bit more running it will quiet down some, or maybe I won't need a sound system!  Need to get the lights back in, getting new ones from Jim Hinds here:  http://www.richmondcontrols.com/   He has some neat stuff, MARS lights/etc, all LED's. Two sizes of them also.
Video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EqU57u0L2Q
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ON my work on it, I decided it would be easy to battery/rc it. Would do as you do and have the center car not screwed to the frame, just sitting on it, make for easy access to the innards that way. May do it, for Marty's. Could use my Aristo TE pretty easily.

Thanks Noel. That is the sound it makes, gearbox noise, even though I re-lubed all of them. Not sure if I need a sound system or not, but would be good to have a whistle some. Jerry
Thanks Stan,
Maybe I'll just go cheap(comes natural!) and have that be my sound system. Jerry
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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