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New track size and new pricing?

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Ok since I cannot seemt o log into the Aristo Site and having recieved an email with the new track sizes and new price lists for 2009 I'm confused.

Why a 72" length? Why is it not avaialble in SS? Why is it $2 per foot cheaper than the 8 foot flex rail they traditionally sold and already comes assembled? Shipping is STILL a problem with anything oversize right? I see they brought back Aluminum track and dropped the pricing some on Brass, corresponding to the overall drop in metals prices, but the SS track is still sky high? Why? The metals market has dropped on that too why not drop the prices on it too?

i love Aristo stuff but the things going on with THEM on THEIR end preclude me from purchasing things I WANT to buy from them WHEN I want to buy it.

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This is most likely the new low copper, economy brass track.

I did not see huge differences in shipping between the 5 footers and the 4.5 footers, and there was a lot of hoopla over shipping costs there.

Read the Aristo site for why prices are where they are... short story, prices of everything are up, but metals down, so price stays same... no increase... don't you feel better now?

Regards, Greg
"don't you feel better now? "

Not particularly. Having made my choices on track long ago and buying it piece meal as I can afford it means the track sales do not help me generally. Being in a situation where I "could" start laying track when the weatehr clears up. I do not believe that this will be ther year of the railroad though. Still some work to be done on the house which affects final placements of the railroad.

Anyone want to buy a nice Condo in the Pittsburgh area? That would help settle my aunt's estate and let me get things finished up faster! LOL!

Seriously though I've beent rying for 2 years to concentrate on rolling stock and track with the goal of building trains and getting track laid. The pricing has gone out of sight and my purchasing has stalled mostly. Still those are MY issues.

Back on the new track, $2 a foot lower copper content? WOW! I'd be afraid. But maybe they are competing with the new AML stuff? Not sure. We do not live in the business mans head. (Thank God for small favors) We also do not have to make those decisions on what and hwo to market things. We pick and choose what and when to buy. So i continue to spend my money on other itmes that lately have been NOT train realted.

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I presume you want to Log In to the On-Line Store in order to buy your track. You have to set up your account to do that but as you are in the USA there should be no problem. If there is then give them a phone call.

If it is a question of just checking reference numbers and prices in order to buy from your usual dealer, then you should not need to Log In to the On Line Store. I can check details and prices from the UK without having to Log In. BTW, they still have their Track Sale on, which is listed under the consumer sales and special offers tab.

Hope that helps,
Thanks Alan,
No I'd buy "locally" or mail order where I could find it IF the prices were reasonable and I had the cash. My problems with "signing in" are that I cannot seem to reliably get to the Aristo Forum very often. My problem mostly and I know what the issue is but that doesn't make it any easier.

Hi again Chas,

I have only bought items (Club or canceled 2006 MWLSTS 2 locos, four boxcars) direct from Aristo by phone Order. As the £ has nosedived against the $ it doesn't give quite as good an opportunity at present to buy Stateside. But, if I were to there are two dealers that I would be more than happy to deal with. Their service is good from what I read ( I know people UK side that have bought from and recommend them) and their prices seem very good. One is Jim, @ GScale Junction in Newark OH and the other Robbie, RLD Hobbies. Albion IL.

Hope you sort out your needs.
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