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Seems everywhere I go there are a few obliviots who think I'm there just to amuse their barely trained offspring.

I saw a sign like this a month or so back in a shoppe at the Pa. Ren Faire, so I decided I needed one too...

(note; after I took the picture I realised my sense of symmetry was offended and drew a cup of coffee in the blank spot, lol)

Yes, I know, giving the Jolt cola and a whistle might be more effective, but if anybody wants one of THESE I could make more ;)

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Your timing is perfect. If you don't mind me borrowing your idea, I will make one of my own for my upcoming Open House!!

In my late grandfather's Cider Mill, he had a sign that read "Children under the age of 12 running wild will be towed at owners expense" and it had a picture of a kid with an apple getting the big hook at the back of his pants.

I like the Jolt Cola and a Whistle

Maybe we can come up with a list of several annoying combinations for children:

Red bull and a kazoo
No Doz and thunder sticks
A jar of marshmello fluff and a cymbal
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