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Nice job Peter! what kind of glue did you use? In the U.S. we might call your house a 'Saltbox'. I say might, as the lean-to addition on the back doesn't go all the way across. I really love the flue pipe coming out the back window! Nice detail. However, as low as it terminates, the stack would cause smoke in the first floor windows.

Your pictures have a western American flavour to them. Is that your intention? Whatever the intention is, the result is excellent! #:)

Great idea on the foamboard. I can't wait to try it!

As to the application for villiage expansion, if you explain it right to the Royal Historical Society, they just might go along with it (LOL). #;-)

(reason for edit: my embarrasing prospensity of embarrasing myself with other people's names)

From Peter Bunce moderator as a reply to the questions above.


Welcome to MLS I hope that you find us to be a useful source for Garden Railways, I joined when I found out that MLS was going to build a Mason Bogie as I like the locomotives and it went from there.

The exhaust(made from bendy straws) is out into the air of the end; to hopefully alleviate most of that, the original was up the side, so it was moved.

The original design was from an old 'Model Railroader' magazine article and was provided by Bruce Chandler, it was modified for this building and gained an extension. The same dseign was also the subject of and HO Gauge kit; it is a BIG BIG building!

Quite right - I model 1880's Colorado Narrow Gauge! Most of which needs to be scratch built, with David Fletcher being the main source of locomotive building and many others on MLS assisting as well. The roof system came from Richard Smioth for instance.

PVC solid Foam board (sintra I think) is marvellous stuff, and with a small circular saw easy to cut I use the 5mm thickmess extensivly. Its main use is exhibition signboards and such like; the white color (there are others but they are not necassarily stable in the color.). Paint it for protection. The corrugated plastic board is called Corroflute, and is used for poltiical placards, and here in the UK sign boards by estate agents for houses for sale.

I use a latex based epoxy in tubes the nearest that you have in the USA (I am in the UK - t'other side of the pond!)is I think Walthers Goo, is stays slightly flexible due to the latex, and holds well. This series of models used a lot of it as the corrugated iron (from aluminium (annealed) beer cans) was also glued on with it. The roof of the section house is from tarpaper, to replicate cedar shingles with window frame sealant as the glue to stick it to the styrene plastic. This roof style is also used on the Produce building.

Lawrence Wallace has a lot of tips on both materials (Bellaire depot - http://users.stratuswave.net/~wd8jik/index.html ;)" src="http://www.mylargescale.com/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/wink.gif" align="absMiddle" border="0" />

The permission is likely to be granted, - more work for me both in the foundation of (1" stone) and then the buildings to populate it!
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