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the lastest paint samples have come in, and are shown on the Accucraft web site, including among other things the lastest live steam mogul designs for the D&RG and RGS, One is 1877 Baldwin 'as built' style, Lake & Gold, Style 49 'Poncha', while the other model is the RGS prototype from 1893 in black, which had been purchased 2nd hand from the D&RG. The RGS sample has one small change to be done, lettering will be a dark yellow, not white, but otherwise will look the same as the sample.


The boilers are now fitted with site glass, and larger gas tanks in the tender, there are probably other changes, but I dont know them all, just the paint.

The 2-4-4T forney sample is now shown too, which certainly has much better lines than that first sample of the 0-4-4T from a year ago. The 2nd sample 0-4-4T also has improved, with larger cylinders. I may be guessing here, but I think these locos have extended chassis - that is greater space between the drivers, than Ruby, and thus extended boiler, which should all contribute to a little bit longer on the rails and more stability, plus larger cylinders which were really desired. As a basic unit, there is loads of potental with the new chassis/cylinder and boiler design.


Good to see that despite the slowdown, things are still moving in live steam, at the affordable end especially.

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