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Hi out there.
I just signed up the other day. I forgot to introduce myself.
Be a model railroader for years. ( started back in the 60's) you will not belive this, I am an N scaler.
Have been for years.
I have a growing desire to learn about the large scale trains and such. G scale( G gauge) So I will be asking questions here as to what, why and how.
BTW I just go by the name of woodone. I have a reason for that name. I own a wood deck SK boat, (over 30 years old) hence the name woodone.
I am a retired maintenace mechanic, from the industrial world. The last 20 years working with AWP's ( aerial work platforms).
I like the new electronic control systems. DCC- R/C- Battery power you name it.
Live in Phoenix, AZ. so we have lot of good weather to run the large scale trains outside.
This seams to be the place to learn so I will be looking in on the site to get ideas and information.
Lots of friendly advice from what I have read.

Well that is all for now.

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Welcome to MLS Woodone! Yes, lots of folks here to help answer questions on track power, battery, R/C, DCC, and Live Steam! And anything else in between. I had to look up what an aerial work platform was. Learn something every day here :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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