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New In-ko-pah RR photos and info!

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I just finished uploading some new stuff to my website, including several new photos of the recent additions to the In-ko-pah Railroad.

The first several photos show the lower level of Cora Canyon, where the last major construction of the mainline was finished. The newest features are the two large stone arch bridges, and the permanent site for the water tower. There's also a couple sharper photos of the hoist and headframe of the Cliffside Mine, to replace the earlier photos which were of lesser quality. And there's an newer overview taken from the roof of our house.

I also added a couple pages of instructions for building my stone arch bridges; a page on disguising electrical junction boxes on the layout; and a preliminary design for my first major structure, the Dos Manos depot.

I used an old 3D program to rough out the design of the depot and rendered a couple images, with textures to approximate the materials that will be used. The next step will be to construct a scale mockup out of foam core, to see how well the depot will fit into its surroundings.

My website is http://www.raydunakin.com

Or use this url to go directly to the In-ko-pah RR page:


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Thanks! Yeah, the depot will be a challenge. I have built bridges and retaining walls using real stone but this will be my first attempt at an actual building -- AND I want to detail the interior too. And unlike the bridges, it won't be cemented in place since I may need to move it for maintenance someday.

I think it'll be a fun project! I've always enjoyed modeling structures.

BTW, I found out it takes a train three and half minutes to make a complete circuit of the layout.!

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Posted By Ray Dunakin on 06/14/2008 1:42 PM

What do I need to do to turn my URLs into clickable links?

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The cut stones I'm planning to use for the lower portion of the depot arrived yesterday. They'd been on order for nearly two months. I got them from Home Expo, a Home Depot type store devoted to decor. They come in one foot square sheets.

It looks like I'll have to make my own window frames for the depot - can't find any Grandt Line or others that are the right size.

Meanwhile, I've working on a wooden water tank, with a stone base, to go next to the hoist house on the Cliffside Mine. The tank also serves to hide the wiring for the lights in the building.

And I'm trying to get started on a small, hand-cranked crane for the mine, but need to locate some Code 148 rail.

Last night I finished up some more scale ocotillos (a desert plant) to add to the layout.
Ray, you have done a great job on many aspects of your railroad, I appreciate the how-to's also :) Thanks!
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