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new fuel depot

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Here is where my inspiration came from, the loco house and tank from Illinois Central/CN in Homewood, IL

this is where my fuel depot is going, I will put fines on top to hold it down.

Here is my fuel depot before I glue it down to the base, the tanks are concrete testing tubes I got from a friend, painted them white, the ladder and walkways I made from pieces of styrene I had laying around, kind of breaks it up a little, the base is hardi board I found

the only thing that cost me anything was the decals from Del Tapparo from G-scale graphics, who as usual provides great service and decals.

tom h
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Looks good Tom and cheap to build.
It looks very good, but I think it would look better if the tanks were closer together.

Yea they are only 5 in apart, they do look kind of far apart, thanks for the comments

tom h
Nice fuel depot, and best part was it didn't cost much :) Everyone likes something for a different reason, I like the spacing with the walkways between.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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