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1950 Ford Tudor, owned for over 38 years, Merc crank in V-8, O/D, T/S, duals.
1950 F-1, V-8, 3 on the floor, duals.
1949 Willys Wagon, 3/4 race 50 Merc (ported, relieved, 120 over, Offy finned head, Offy 4BBL with 390 CFM Holley, Isky 77B, headers, Mallory), Mustang II front end, Mustang rear, 5-bolts on all 4 corners.

Until some moron decided "stop signs" were not "mandatory", I restored, maintained and showed Flatheads.
Did complete engines all the time.

First two are 6v positive ground, third is 12V neg.

Stock, mild, hidden (internals only), and really fast ones.....did 'em all.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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