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My new Bachmann CSX Dash-9 arrived today so I figured I would share some pics of the un boxing and the new engine.

A few observations,
The packaging is way better than Aristos, it comes double boxed with the loco box surrounded in foam.

The Loco is securely held in the styrofoam inner container, and extra care appeared to have been taken to ensure no damaging of the handrails and and ditch lights, the loco had no wiggle room in the styrofoam.

The hand rails come already installed.

The manual is very detailed and it comes with complete exploded parts diagrams including part numbers for all the parts that make up the loco, hopefully those parts will all be available.

It comes with smoke fluid and an extra PCB board that appears to plug into plug and play socket to allow for hard wiring to a DCC board with screw terminals without having to pull out the PNP board.

Here are a bunch of pics, I made them thumbnails to reduce load times lol.
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One last observation that I think makes a big difference is that the Locomotive sits in the styrofoam container upright on its wheels as opposed to laying on its side like the Aristo Craft version did.

It's much easier to get in and out and your much much less likely to damage it when doing so, perhaps that's why it comes with the handrails installed.
Yea I noticed that. Makes so much sense.
Here are a couple of videos of new engine unboxing and running.

Where did you order yours?
From Robbie at RLD Hobbies, +1 618-446-2970
Ok great ordered mine from there too. Bnsf
I'm not sure which version I have left, but it came with the screw terminal adapter board attached. Here are some close-up pics of both.
Thanks for the info, Ron
The esu is a nice decoder. It鈥檚 screw type so you will have to use the pc board that came with the dash 9.


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I tried to make a small adjustment to my esu while it was connected to the Bachman pc board. The esu didn鈥檛 like it. Just a heads up. If there鈥檚 any programming that needs to be done will have to pull the esu back out of the dash 9.
It has a speaker installed but no sound system installed.
Is that the blunami board ?
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