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My new Bachmann CSX Dash-9 arrived today so I figured I would share some pics of the un boxing and the new engine.

A few observations,
The packaging is way better than Aristos, it comes double boxed with the loco box surrounded in foam.

The Loco is securely held in the styrofoam inner container, and extra care appeared to have been taken to ensure no damaging of the handrails and and ditch lights, the loco had no wiggle room in the styrofoam.

The hand rails come already installed.

The manual is very detailed and it comes with complete exploded parts diagrams including part numbers for all the parts that make up the loco, hopefully those parts will all be available.

It comes with smoke fluid and an extra PCB board that appears to plug into plug and play socket to allow for hard wiring to a DCC board with screw terminals without having to pull out the PNP board.

Here are a bunch of pics, I made them thumbnails to reduce load times lol.
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It depends on which QSI Magnum decoder you are talking about. They built two different versions.. QSI was a key partner in the development of the sandard for the socket and they sold a version where all the pins were connected per the standard they helped develop. QSI was also at the time very involved with Lewis Polk at Aristocraft and tested out a large number of their locomotives. QSI found that several Aristocraft locomotives had unpredicted connections to socket pin #s J1:5, J1:7, J2:4, J2:5, J2:6, J2:7, J2:8, and J2:9, Even Louis did not know that this was the case and indicated that no locomotive in the future would have these strage connections.

To protect their decoder designed for Aristocraft Locomotives, QSI built a special decoder for Aristocraft locomotives where the smoke, chuff input and functions outputs were not connected.

You can use these decoders in the Dash-9 and neither the locomotive or the decoder will be damaged. However you will not be able to control these extra functions without extra work.

Hope this helps.

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Why do you continue to be so hostile. This is a time of great joy that Bachmann had started reworking some of the previous Aristocraft product.

I try my best to provide accurate information but I do not profess to be an expert. And like others I can make mistakes, when I do I admit them.

I am clearly not an expert on the various version of QSI decoders.

Perhaos it is best we talk off line and clear up some misconceptions each of us might have. I would welcome that conversation.

Note: Per the standard, the smoke pin used on ALL Bachmann locomotives that have the socket is a normal function pin that is no different from any other function pins.


Following is a link to an early version of the QSI decoder installed in a Bachmann K27 written in 2007. If you have this QSI version,It will work in the Bachmann Dash-9, However, please note the caveat in the writeup. This QSI version designed for the Aristo locomotives did not have any connectios to the function pins on J2.

QSI was a Key contributor to the development of the socket Bachmann is using in its locomoitives. It was they who discovered the various somewhat random use of J2 in several Aristocraft locomotives, In later years they had two versions of decoders one for Aristo locomotives with no function conections to J2 and one for Bachmann locomotives with all the functions on J2 active,

I am a 1:20 modeler and we had several QSI decoders in various Bachmann locomotives for a number of years. Alas our operators did not like some of their features and we eventually sold them all off.

Just trying to be helpful

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The ESU decoder in one of many excellent choices for the Dash-9. One titbit on the ESU installation. When you load sounds into the ESU decoder the transmission protocal is very sensitive to loads. ESU recomends you remove the blue wire connection before uploading sounds or doing a firmware update. After the update is complete you can reconnect the blue wire.

Hope that Helps..

Just a quick note

Bobs back to back measurements of 40.21mm are correct to the Standards which is between 39.64mm and 40.38mm. I am a little unsure that Bobs measurements for the Check Guage have the Calipers in the proper place on both wheels but the check guage appears to be within range as well.


I hope you get a working decoder soon. Since your QSI decoder does not support the extra functions you can wire the Dash-9 "-" connection to the desired functions on Dash-9's main board. This will allow the switches to work as you desire using your existing QSI board.

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