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When I was a kid my best friend's grandfather had an "auto red bug" which was a totally cool little electric go cart. I remeber it looking kind of like a stutz bearcat. I want one of those for runs to the grocery store

I don't know--most of my car trips are solo, short distance trips. I run to the hardware store, I go to the grocery store or the bank. Lots of times I'm taking one child to a friends house. We have a Mini cooper for just that reason. My wife commutes to work in it, but it makes more sens than an SUV for most of the uses we have.

Depending on what it cost, I'd be very interested in the idea. For really short trips I don't need a heater, or AC.
I suspect the problem as mentioned, would be compressing the air--it will take more energy than the car saves. As to danger, driving around with a tank full of gasoline and regularly exploding it is, on paper, an unbelievably dangerous thing to do and it took a long time to make modern cars as safe as they are.
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