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RE: New "Air Car" to work like steam locomotive

When I had a job, I found I could walk the 2 miles to work faster than I could take the city bus (I tried both, just once!). I had to walk 4 blocks in the wrong direction to catch the bus, then ride all over the place, up and down residential streets to downtown. Then wait for the bus that, per the bus company's published maps, went no closer than 4 blocks from where I worked and that one also wandered all over the place in residential streets.

I would also have to get up an hour earlier to be sure I got to work on-time.

If I got up an hour and a half earlier I could catch the bus only one block from where I lived, but it was still an outbound bus and was the same one I could catch by walking 4 block in the other direction.

The thing that bothers me the most is that everyday when I drove to work (I would not walk two miles to work... there was no place to shower there), I saw a bus go right past the front door of where I worked and folk got off that bus! When I called the bus company to ask how I could catch that bus they said no busses went there! When I asked one of the riders of that bus, he said it went past his house and he knew nothing else about it.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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