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No need to worry. Yes, we have already seen some "shaking out" and consolidation in the hobby, and it's likely to become even more pronounced in the future, but those who truly enjoy model railroading and Large Scale will always find a way around fewer choices and/or higher prices. There are a great many things we all should be worried about today--very worried about--but model trains is way down on the list. Besides, I suspect that most of us here already have more trains than we need or can possibly use.

And I agree with Kevin when it comes to the price of track. Maybe those prices will force some folks to be a bit more realistic with their plans, and build somewhat smaller layouts that they can more easily maintain and enhance.

But as far as this particular segment of the hobby goes, I will always miss--and fondly remember--LGB. The loss of that one manufacturer will, I'm fairly confident, have the greatest long-term adverse impact on the growth of this segment.
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