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The parts will become available again, in one form or another. If the company won't, some railroader will do it in his basement or garage. Also remember that alot of parts for locos are not made by the manufacturer. I believe it is Massoth (sp?) that makes the LGB electronics, alot (maybe all?) of the motors are made by other companies and better yet other companies are making replacement parts now as was stated above.

As far as track goes, it is getting expensive but there are alternitives to the uber expensive stuff. There is aluminum which has been reported to work with sparky locos, it just requires a bit more maintenence (so i'm told). Accucraft has come out with a lower cost brass track. Granted if you got the email from Lewis Polk, that lower copper content is the worst possible choice you could ever make in life :) You can also buy bulk rail and handlay track. Which although time consuming is a considerable savings.

Another option is to join a club if available. A few local fellas and myself have discussed starting a monthly get together, not a club persay but a gathering of friends. We can run trains on established layouts and those who don't have one will have somewhere to run. Then hey could build as time or money permits. Or there are many parks or arboretums (sp?) that have layouts to run at. I believe Torby runs at something like this.

There are options out there. The hobby may change a bit but I don't think it's too much to worry about. People are just going to adjust their ways of don it.

Take care
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