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We have received a request for assistance from a LS operator in New England who is searching for the arch component of a concrete bridge built by Lone Star Bridge and Abutment several years ago.
Lone Star Bridge no longer makes the item, and has in fact destoyed the molds. It is reported that the NTGRC has one they use for their shows that has not been damaged by the weather. The
correspondent would like to obtain it to make new molds. He would like to hear from anyone who can help him out. He came to us hoping that we had a contact in the DFW area. Alas, we do not.
If you can help him out please respond to this post or email me off line and I'll make sure he gets it. He said he would make the effort worthwhile. More importantly it will put his layout back in service.
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Thanks for the help. I made contact with Michael at the club and they agreed to heop me with this project.

The lone star concrete bridges look great but alas the elements on the NE are not kind. Mark gave us permission to make new molds so that we can recast the bridge.

We have completed restoration of a pier which is the first piece we will make a mold for. Below shows the damaged piers and one which we restored for the master for the new mold.


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