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Need adapter

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I'm looking for the adapter that screws onto the top of a butane can that is used to fill live steamer fuel tanks.  Anybody know of any sources?
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Which type of can?

Royce has an adapter for the Primus threaded cans, the Gaz non threaded, and Asian fuel cans. Give him a call.

No affiliation or pressuring was implied in the above statement, just came off the top of my head! 
there was a thread in the "old" mylargescale:


(Sorry, could'nt get the link to work properly...)

I fixed your link - Dwight

Didn't I send you one of these a while back?

I not, I have all three types in stock. give me a call this evening EST 703-799-9643

I would think you'll have to wait for one unless you or someone you know is going to DH because I'll bet most of the vendors will be there with their wares.  Norm Saley makes a good one and I know he's going to DH.
Royced answered while I was typing the previous message.  Utilize a sponsor when you get the chance.

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