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NE NG Hawaiian 4 wheel coach?

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Has anyone here built this kit?


"This 1:20 scale 4 wheel passenger car is based on equipment used by the Hawaiian Railroad Company. The completed model is a little over a foot long. Simple bench seating and metal wheels are included."

Looks interesting, but I have not seen a NE NG kit (or completed model) in about 22 years or so.
I have built many wood kits in smaller scales, and scratchbuilt a few large scale cars about 20+ years ago myself.

If you have a photo, that would be great, hard to really make it out in the tiny drawing...

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Hi Garrett,

It will be plywood and stripwood from one of their horse drawn vehicle kits.

The long wheelbase is what is a possible cause of concern, it would be better with some springing, and of course some weight under the floor. Here in the UK we have many more vehicles (till recently) with a long 4 wheel chassis, that the USA, your bogie vehicles are much more track friendly that these styles of chassis. Springing assists a lot of taming the beasts!
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