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NCE dcc board and USAT S-4

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Looking for a little help. I'm using a NCE 408 board. Does anyone know what the voltage of the number board lights are and the cab light? I have every thing else hooked up excepts these lights. There are 3 wires going to the front lights and number boards and three wires to the rear light and cab light. Later RJD
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The lights are LEDs. My experience with this engine is that the lights are wired with a common negative connection. This is backwards from most decoders. They require a common positive connection. I ended up rewiring the lights and installed my own current limiting resistors for the lights. I wired the number boards up so that they were on any time that either headlight is on.
Thanks Bill. I was afraid that's what I would have to do. Later RJD
Bill, I know the headlights are LEDs, but are your cab light, and the number board lights LEDs too?

Regards, Greg
I don't have the S-4 now. I did a battery install for a customer. As I remember, the cab light is an LED. The number boards are definitely LEDs.
Youch... then the best thing for RJ is to pull out the boards, reverse the LEDs to be positive common and then we can hook them up to the NCE function outputs and the common to the blue common on the decoder.

Regards, Greg
That's basically what I did.
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