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Mystery Loco in my Back Yard

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I found this contraption in my backyard when I stepped out in the morning. After adding steam oil, water and butane it even moved under its own power! Does anybody recognize this loco? I decided to keep it, though it is not a typical logging engine and I did not scratch build it:

more pictures here:
Thanks to David for hosting the pictures!
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Well, if you decide that it needs to find a new home.....:)

Nice looking locomotive there.
It appears that the mountain in the background has been "clear-cut" by the local logging company and therefore the acquisition of a non-logging locomotive was in order. BUT, now you need some paying passengers and cars for them to ride in!
"Does anybody recognize this loco? "

Not from that picture. Either turn the flash on, or else move around to the sunny side of the engine.

I don't know why so many people insist on taking, and posting, pictures of the shady side of black locomotives...
Hey thats mine, I keep leaving the back gate unloocked and she keeps escaping, can you please send her back to my house right now? ;)
Well if you look closely it is Green not Black....Along with the additional photos on the website I am impressed...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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