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My Scratch Biult Milwaukee Road Steeple Cab

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Coolness! What's the little thing just in front of the cab that looks like rabbit ear antennas? Between that, the pantograph, and the trolley pole, that stereo must get awesome reception. ;)


That is one cool loco!

I remember seeing those live in Montana.

Very nice work!

K , that thing with what looks like rabbit ears is something that catches an arc of electric from the overhead catenary. Don't ask me how! I always thought it was a radio antenna. The trolley pole was used to start the compressors in order to raise the pantograph.
As with my FAUX Joe, someday I'll paint it.
It is scratch built with styreen plastic sort of 1:29th scale. I used USA trains motor blocks and I was to lazy to make the correct sideframes. Maybe someday! The headlights are LGB's as is the pantograph with a little detail added. It still needs a couple of railings but otherwise I'm happy with it as is unless I get any idea's from others. I do plan to add an interior when I see some pictures of what it should look like.
I'm gonna' put Kadees on it so I can use it on my garden RR next spring in the 'Time Saver Yard'

Little Paulie, [email protected]

PS - be sure to check the Little Joe thread for a picture of my FAUX Joe
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Jim, you are a lucky guy to have had seen them in the flesh! I chased a Little Joe back around 71 or so. I rember it like it was yesterday.

Little Paulie, [email protected]
Great looking model! This will be a really impressive finished model when it's painted, but then it's a really impressive model already!
Yessiree..... That's a dandy.
You've done a very nice job on that. The USA trucks work right nicely for a "modern" project like that. Run good and not terribly expensive.

Good job.
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Thanks Chris
Stan, ?? custom decals ?? hummmmmmmm, have I got a job for you !!!!!!!!!!! these critters need decals. e-mail me when you have a chance

Little Paulie, [email protected]
One cool looking loco. Will it be able to draw poere for the over head? Later RJD
Very nice worki
Thankyou Nick
RJD, YES! My garden layout a basic dog bone will have the old John Allen 'Timesaver' yard added to it this year. It will have overhead on it.

Little Paulie, [email protected]
Very nice. Having spent countless hours around styrene, I can appreciate the hard work (and talent) you put into this model.
Thank's Joe. Then you know that this was not my first steeple cab. I built and trashed 2 others before this one. To get all the sizes right can be a bummer. As with my FAUX Joe, the body was short, had to be cut and made longer, height adjustments made, etc, etc, etc. I'm still not 100% happy with it, one reason it's not been painted yet.
I just have so many projects going at the same time. I've built the Joe's and steeple cabs in O ga. also and a Joe in S ga. Hummmmm, I haven't done one in N yet! I have made a couple of cardboard mock up's of a Bi-Polar. I might make a 1:29th caracture of it. But right now I'm bashing a LGB mogul with more modern cylinders, cab and tender, upgrading it to a 1930's standard gauge loco. Along with a 2- 4 - 4 - 0 logging mallet, a German C-C articulated box cab, Reading A-5 0-4-0 camel back, SW-1 switcher and an outside frame 2-4-4-0T my plate is full.
One project I mess with from time to time is a fantisy loco, A 2-4-4-Q2 !
Sort of a caracture of a Pennsy T-1 but articulated. I'm an avid fan of Bruce Bates. Every railroad needs a streamliner....
Thank's again

Little Paulie, [email protected]
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That is a really beautiful model you built there .
You should get more into the steamers ...............................and send the electrics here , ha ha .
Wow, the catenary alone is incredible!
From one Traction modeler to another, great work! That is an impressive piece of modeling. Thank you for sharing!
I second Ted's comments. That's a great looking project. Will you post an update when you get it on the road?
Hope you'll post some pics of it running under the wire. Later RJD
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