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my pics of the narrow gauge

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i know everyone has been waiting for the pics do here are some of my dads
narrow gauge equp at our place up in oroville,Ca
u will have to copy the link and look at it on
the internet cant figure out how to post it.

the first few should be the narrow gauge and
some 7.5 live steam.
i will have pics of the cricket build soon
and the mason bogie.
casey wilmunder
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That engine in the latter half... if it wasn't for the human hand in one photo, I'd of guessed it was a Ruby bash! :)
Did your dad once own a small Mogul from South or Central America? I recall riding behind one over 40 years ago I believe up on the Mich-Cal and standing on the platform of a West Side caboose that sagged so bad that we had to hold on tight to avoid going a_ _ over teakettle over the railing.
hey I am from oroville california!

and I thought I was the only steamer around...
the pics are my dad's cars the caboose an 2 boxcars the other one is my
7.5 falk loco,i would be interesting if some one bashed a ruby into the falk
logging loco.
casey wilmunder

also PFC

where are u at in oroville
If the Falk was bashed from a Ruby it would be a pretty odd scale unless you want a oversized boiler, I think it would loose the charm it has of a tiny boiler loco. Maybe a good candidate would be the Argyle Philiadelphia. I looked into scaling the Falk down to 45mm but since it was a std gauge loco it would be scaled to 1:32 the boiler would be just over an inch in dia. Even in the 1.5" scale the loco is a undersized boiler for hauling more than 1-2 people. Id still love to build one someday and I do already have the book on building it so Im that much closer..HAHA

what about the fowler it has the end tank
for fuel and water,its a idea for a nice loco
the pics of the rods are the fullsize loco
i own,that day we had to drop the rods
and machined new rod bearings an have the rods
nickeled for the next time we go to ardenwood
regional park on labor day.


Casey Wilmunder
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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