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Great layout--you work a lot faster than I do. I too am using ladder roadbed, but mine is cedar lumber ripped (probably why mine took so long). One thought--you painted it black, I have heard of problems with PCV when painted dark colors-expands and contracts a great deal? No personal experience but just something I thought I had seen posted here somewhere. Are you planning on filling in up to the roadbed or just leaving in up?

Your blog is great.:D

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Good question about the black paint. The area is fairly shaded right now... but my intention is to cover with plantings and rocks. I don't think I'll get into ballast at the moment. With the elevated nature, and the lack of desire to import yards of dirt, I might just slip some material under the track to hold ballast.

I'll read out on the black paint. I picked it so the roadbed would be less conspicuous to my visitors.

I enjoy blogging my photos, just FYI, I use Picasa, a free program to manage my digital photos, and a account on blogger.com. The great feature is that I can select up to 4 photos at a time and click one button to have them automatically post to my blog.

If shad is looking for a useful feature on MLS, this would be a great one... Garden railroad blogging!
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