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My New Grocery Store

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Miniatures from the craft store, some from ebay... some I collected from who knows where... All shelves are hacked $1 doll house furniture from the craft store... People are Leemax... Building is Colorado Model Structures...

I run indoor...so the signs are paper... some of the food is styrofoam board with small paper labels glued on the front...

what do you think?

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Let's see there is the Cris Mart in Belmont Ny that looks similar to that. There was an old A & P in Holland Ny that looks VERY similar to tht store front too. Long closed but the building still sits empty. The old Odd Fellows ldoge building that my father now owns in Angelica NY was a grocery store on the first floor again looking very similar at one point. Looks nothing like it now as they remodelled the entrance moving the door to one side.

Very nice model! Many Kudos!

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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