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My Nephew is an Explorer OT/NT

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Geez! This makes me proud! My brother just sent me this email:

Tim and his Israeli friend Alon have finally left on their adventure of
paddling around Svalbard, an island archiplelago lying between 76N and
81N (about 1000 km north of Norway) in ocean kayaks. Apparently it has
never been attempted before. It is a journey of about 1800 km and they
have allotted 80 days to do it. Alon has set up an excellent web site
where their progress can be monitored on a map as well as a blog which
is supposed to be updated daily. Here is the URL:


Don't be surprised that the Google map lacks a lot of detail. They are
in a rather remote part of the world (not to mention the polar bears).



That's over 1100 miles!!!!! If anybody interested they can monitor his progress at that website.
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That's impressive.

Always wanted to do something adventurous.

Pretty cool. I hope they make it!!

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