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My Mike's first run after rebuild.

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Got my Mike back the other day from Aristo's rebuild. 70's here today, so I fired it up and had two good runs with the it today, after replacing the Tx battery, worked fine inside, but then not when I got it up to steam. warm day, still had to squirt some steam in the water bath. Did not hook up the whistle , but did try it out and it sounded pretty good. Safety was blowing at 45, so may increase it just a tad. So now I can get the servo in and give that a try. Sorta moved the water bath valve around a bit, so should be a easier install.

I still need to change out the stock chuff pipe, not sure which I will go with. Still have my original cut off one and Charles' blast nozzle. May start with that, with my 'chuff enhancer' thing I made from a .45 cal shell, have not really tried it on it running outside. I did put on the brass sleeve over the end of the burner, flame sucked right back inside, with a feathering of the gas valve.

Weather is going back down, so glad I had a chance to try it out. Was a bit nervous, had been awhile. Here's a couple of pix. may post a short video later, FAB day!

They stuck on a D&RG plastic top pieces, I did put my 444 cab back on, did not send the tender in.
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Do you still have the gas regulator in the tender. If so may want to take out and solve another problem. 70 degrees and it still should have run without a gas problem. Later RJD
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