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My latest "Large Scale" project

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This is my latest large scale project. A 2.5" scale, 7.5" gauge, live steam coal burner, similar to Mich Cal #2 but not an exact copy.


The 2 cylinder engine should be done in a month or so. I just ordered the plumbing supplies. I hope to have it completed by fall of this year.

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RE: My latest "Large Scale" project

Um. I think that's LARGE scale;)

Beautiful work.
Excuse me but you are on the wrong website.
You want WWW. MY LARGE LARGE SCAEL .COM That's two large.
This is One large. Like 2 L and 1 L
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RE: My latest "Large Scale" project

Nice project, Terry!!
RE: My latest "Large Scale" project

A friend of the family built a 3" scale (15" gauge) shay in his basement. Except he found out carrying stuff one part at a time through the kitchen and down the stairs is quite a different animal than getting a whole locomotive back out again.

His wife doesn't want him to dig up the yard and knock a hole in the wall to get it out, either.
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