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Be that as it may, how much room would one need to run G, HO, and Scales paralell to each other?

Are you trying for some sort of forced perspective deal here? Hmmmm...somewhere around here there used to be a link to a You-Tube clip featuring Lex Luthors giant model railroad from the last `Superman' movie (a mix of G and either O or HO scales that created a very good forced perspective effect).

I suspect that in order to manage this in your space, the depth of the benchwork required would be enough to cause serious `reach' problems (if you can manage it at all, you don't want a `reach' of more than 3-3.5 feet). You might want to look into separate layouts; I think we have a couple of posters here with G scale on one level and a separate smaller scale layout on a shelf a couple feet above that.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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