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I just received my Aristocraft NYC E8. Beautiful piece. Test ran it on a club member's Christmas Tree loop. Handled 8ft diameter turns albeit at low speed. Smoke unit works very well.

My question; Has anybody tried MUing it with a USA F3 as the trailing unit? My layout is under about a foot of snow (with more falling), and I'm unable to try running them in a lash up. The reason I'm asking is because our club, The Hudson Valley LS RR Club, has two shows coming up in the next month where we will be running. The F3 has Phoenix sound in it while the E8 doesn't.(yet)

We like running with lots of sound at these shows. We generally catch a lot of verbal abuse from the smaller scale clubs (especially HO) while setting up. Then when we crank up the noise, all the people come running to our layout to watch. Really pisses the little train guys off.

Pat McCarty

CEO The Roisin & Owen Railways (O/S till a thaw)

Hudson Valley LS RR Club
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