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MTS and DCC and DC track polarities?

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OK. LGB G Scale analog track polarity is reverse from NMRA and Lionel G Scale follows NMRA standards (Lionel locos run backward compared to LGB, Aristo and USA locos).

To keep harmony on my layout I have reversed the analog track polarity of my Lionel locos to match my LGB locos. So much for analog track power.

Now for MTS and DCC...

When connecting a decoder to the track contact wires for use with MTS/DCC - when the locos will continue to be run primarily on analog track power - should the decoder be wired to the track contact polarity as per the (non-LGB) decoder instructions or will that result in the loco running with reversed polarity when back on track power?

In other words do LGB and Massoth use the same track polarity with their decoders for MTS/DCC as all other G Scale decoder manufacturers?


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