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MTH motor block size?

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I have a USA motor block, would like one a bit smaller for a project. Anyone know of a MTH block would be about what I want? See the drawing below.  Not sure of Hartland sizes either. Would appreciate some help. Jerry
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Jerry - Here is a nice chart that may help you (courtesey of Scotty Chaos) ... gold.mylargescale.com/scottychaos/MLS-kitbashing-guide.html.
Thanks Del, good info, but nothing on MTH. None of the others, that have sizes listed are good candidates. Possibly a Hartland motor block, it said 3" there, but not sure that is driver to driver center distance or not. 3" is what I need, but as short as possible.


Nice to talk with you lasts nite. I took a trip to the wood shed (no I was not bad - THIS time)
to grab a MTH -8 4 wheel loco. That's the GOOD NEWS - the BAD NEWS is that the
axle to axle length is EXACTLY the same as the USA-38/F3/etc and NOT even close
to the shorter NW-2 motor block. The really B A D news is that it's LONGER 
(coupler mounting points) and TALLER since it has a mount similar to the 
KINGPIN of the NWSL motor block.

Thanks Ray,
I appreciate it. Worked some more on the Z front truck, isolated the front axle from the pickup, rear one works fine. Plan to try and hook up wipers to the rear loco truck, so will have two pickups far apart, should help on the track power pickup, if I have a dead/dirty spot. Jerry
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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