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MTH locomotives and.....

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First, a BIG THANKYOU for all your replies to my past questions.  You all have been very helpful.  I am new to G scale and have taken your advice. So........
1.  In your replies to my past posts you mentioned that USA Turnouts are really good.  Well, I got some of them and I am very impressed!  The #6 is a beautiful turnout!  Question: what diameter of rail do I need to parallel the tracks?  I assume a 20 diameter. Correct?
2.  More importantly, I am interested in purchasing a locomotive from the manufacturer of MTH.  In particular the  
    4-8-4 Gs-4 Steam Engine with Proto-Sound 2.0 - SP (Daylight) Cab No. 4449.
    It is a beautiful locomotive but what is the quality like and detail?  They have a beautiful Challenger too.  Anyone out there who has one of these or knows anything about MTH?   One thing that concerns me is that their track has a center rail.  What's up with that?

Anyway, thanks for your responses! 

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Wow, so if they will be doing all metal wheels, they will have a good lock on the durability end of the G scale engines.  They already use all metal gears from the motor to the axle.  

UncleHans:  I do have a bit of MTH stuff as you can may have seen from my website.   The only caution on the MTH GS-4 is the color.  If the colors they picked don't bother you then you should be very happy with the engine.  The engine has execellent detail and is well made.  The added bonus will be the Protosound 2 sound and control system.  The sound system sounds excellent.  If you're like me, you won't think much about it ahead of time... but once you get the engine and if choose to get the TIU and remote to fully control the engine, I think you will find it will completely change the experience of running model trains.  

If you think you want one and the color looks ok to you, I'd get it.  I don't think you will regret it. 

Good luck on your decision. 

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Hey Tim,

On the DCC, my understanding is that yes that part is in the works for the future PS2+/PS3 for the One Gauge boards. 

Part of the extra memory I believe will be utilized by the quillable whistle feature they are rolling out very soon.  But my understanding the majority will be used for higher sound quality.  It's going to be interesting to see as their sound quality is already top knotch. 

The best thing to do would be to post a question on the www.ogaugerr.com forums in the MTH DCS section and ask, there are some folks that are in tight with MTH development.  You most likely though should do a search first, I would bet this has been discussed already.  

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