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MTH locomotives and.....

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First, a BIG THANKYOU for all your replies to my past questions.  You all have been very helpful.  I am new to G scale and have taken your advice. So........
1.  In your replies to my past posts you mentioned that USA Turnouts are really good.  Well, I got some of them and I am very impressed!  The #6 is a beautiful turnout!  Question: what diameter of rail do I need to parallel the tracks?  I assume a 20 diameter. Correct?
2.  More importantly, I am interested in purchasing a locomotive from the manufacturer of MTH.  In particular the  
    4-8-4 Gs-4 Steam Engine with Proto-Sound 2.0 - SP (Daylight) Cab No. 4449.
    It is a beautiful locomotive but what is the quality like and detail?  They have a beautiful Challenger too.  Anyone out there who has one of these or knows anything about MTH?   One thing that concerns me is that their track has a center rail.  What's up with that?

Anyway, thanks for your responses! 

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Greg and Chuck,

Ok, so I've been looking at the MTH GS4 American Freedom Train and just noticed these issues you posted about the wobble and the plastic parts.  Is there anyway that I can tell if the engine that I order is from the latest run with the metal wheels and axles or if it is an older run that is being reduced for quick sell?  Any idea if there was a new run of this engine last year per the MTH 2007 catalog?


Jacksonville, Fl

It's been some time since we've chatted on line but I was wondering on this note of the MTH Loco's adding more memory what do you think they are adding it for?  Are you hearing from your sources about MTH making DCS compatable with DCC for large scale like they have for some of their newer HO engines?  How do you run you DCS equipped engines when you are running everything else via DCC?


Tim Headings
Jacksonville, Fl
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