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MTH DCS - Overview - Protocast feature

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As some of you know, I made a series of videos that provide an overview of the MTH DCS features.  One of the ones I didn't show was the Protocast feature which allows you to connect an external video source such as a CD or MP3 player into the side of the TIU and be able on command via a key on the remote to play the music or sounds through the engine's speaker.  (The music is relayed via the carrier signal through the track.)   We just did it today for the first time and it is really slick.  

We plan to use this feature at the next show.  It would also be neat for Halloween and Christmas trains.

Check it out:

http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_1_2100kbs.wmv - 41mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_1_1000kbs.wmv - 21mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_1_150kbs.wmv -  3mb

http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_2_2100kbs.wmv - 18mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_2_1000kbs.wmv - 9mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_2_150kbs.wmv -  1mb

How about a little Fats Domino?
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_3_2100kbs.wmv - 50mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_3_1000kbs.wmv - 25mb
http://www.rayman4449.dynip.com/MTH_DCS_Protocast_Video_3_150kbs.wmv -  4mb

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Great videos Cliff.  :)  I really like the John Denver song.  Still sad he died so young.  The audio was coming through very loud and clear.  :)

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