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Nice write up. I didn't know these engines came with two styles of pilots. That's good news, as I was under the impression they were scaled up O-27 models. Cracked sideframes? The number of derailments and wrecks I have had over the years (both accidental and Gomez style), I'd be more concerned about that kind of damamge. I'll keep an eye out on my lone MTH boxcar.

My theory as to why there aren't more folks talking about these engines is that most folks were already entrenched in 1/29 when MTH's products came to market. So...there's a limited number of people who buy the MTH product. The price point is as good as or better than Aristo or USA when you add the sound and control, but I think MTH simply misread the market. (I seem to recall 1/29 vs 1/32 scale wars about 8 or 9 years ago. I think that vocal minority swayed MTH and now they are stuck. Folks who were worried about 1/4" at the actual track gauge.)

Also, when you look at the rolling stock available, the vast majority is 1/29. Someone recently was asking for alternatives to his MTH hopper cars for modern stock to run behind his Dash 8s. I'm not a rivet counter, either, but when there is a huge glaring difference, from 10 or 20 feet back, in 3 dimensions, like this:

See how out of scale that baby is? He's freaking huge for a 10 month old. Oh, and that Steelers boxcar is an MTH rolling just fine behind a 1/29 diesel, 1/22.5 tank and stock car, and just ahead of a 1/22.5 hopper. Just don't think of it as a 40' boxcar, and its just fine!

I'm glad you are enjoying your Dash 8s! Where are the pictures?!

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