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Even with torrential rains Saturday and late afternoon Sunday, the moms, dads and kids still came to see the steam trains run.

With a watertight (for the most part) tent supplied to us, we were able to relax between runs and stay dry. Right Tom?

The kid’s watchtower was put to good use under one of the three canopies we had. The new track was too wide for the tent and the canopies allowed the spectators to keep dry also.

Brendan showed up with his brand new S-12 and became the newest member of MSSLS.

Steamtom2 shows Brendan the ropes of firing and caring for his new engine.

Steamtom1 giving one of his many informational classes over the weekend.

After well over ten years of collecting dust I took a few days last week to bring my Mamod back to life. She ran really well all weekend.

We had three visitors that came from Ohio specifically to see us. That was nice to hear and I must say that considering the weather, I was very appreciative, as were we all that they made the trip and were able to spend some time talking with us about our engines.
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