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Mounting R/C servos in K28 cab

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I just got my K28 and, despite how huge it is, the cab is none too roomy for installing the throttle and J-bar servos.  How many of you have radio control in your K28s?  And, have any of you photos of your installations to share?  I know that I will eventually figure it out; but, why reinvent the wheel if some of you have really clever ideas.

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Wow I actually forgot how the cab looks without all the clutter in mine.....

One thing I need to do is get a larger sproket for the servo on the throttle for more turn. Right now I get 1/4 turn on the throttle while that should be enough for normal running I cant pull well uphill with a long train. That will soon be fixed with other changes though.

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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